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About Us

The Sound of Melanin (TSOM), highlights and examine various social, political, spiritual, and relationship challenges faced by the African American community, and people of color across the globe. TSOM is usually addressed from a humorous angle; however, it is designed to foster critical thinking and help members of the black community challenge preconceived notions of how things are and ought to be. 

Our intention with TSOM is to bring healing and inspiration to our community via candid dialogue, spoken word, humorous and insightful sketches. We wish to raise the self-esteem of our audience by offering them a different perspective of the narrative that has only served to create doubts and feelings of inferiority within communities of color.

Spoken Word Artist and Inspirational Speaker, Kirk Nugent, is the mastermind behind the series. Widely known as the People’s Poet, Nugent has been sharing his craft for more than two decades, speaking mainly to college and university students regarding pursuing their passion. 

Questioned about his motivation for creating The Sound of Melanin series, Nugent explained: “Nina Simone said that an artist’s duty is to reflect the times.” TSOM was created not only to reflect the times but also to inspire and empower ordinary folks to think critically about these extraordinary ‘times.’ It is our mission at TSOM to meet our audience, wherever they are, and to continually raise the consciousness of our audience until we are fully self-aware and self-determined. We have the power to design and direct our destiny, but we (as a collective) are ignorant of that fact because we have been programmed to self-destruct.

the sound of melanin logo