The Sound
of Melanin

The Magic is in the Melanin

The Sound
of Melanin

The Magic is in the Melanin

Our Mission

Between the music and film industry, $49 billion is invested every year to market and reinforce the negative stereotypes of melanated people. The black woman being the face of the welfare single mother is not by accident but rather by design. The criminal black teenager, the boys in the hood, the destructive messages in the music that is systematically fed to us are all by design. Our young black women are consistently portrayed and marketed as rude, lewd, and damn near-nude. These negative stereotypes have taken a devastating toll on our communities because we not only buy into the narrative but eventually emulate the projected reality that we so often see.

The Sound of Melanin is established to challenge these images and messages and replace them with a more positive and uplifting narrative. Our mission is to tell the stories that are seldom told in the mainstream, stories such as the scapegoating of negroes in order to make marijuana illegal in the United States. The Sound of Melanin will educate through the use of entertainment, ours will be a platform where our diversity and excellence are celebrated. It is our deep belief that our perspective matters and having a say in the narrative matters exceedingly. We are talented beyond measure as a people, and The Sound of Melanin will bring this talent to the foreground.

The Book

The Sound of Melanin (TSOM), highlights and examine various social, political, spiritual, and relationship challenges faced by the African American community, and people of color across the globe. TSOM is usually addressed from a humorous angle; however, it is designed to foster critical thinking and help members of the black community challenge preconceived notions of how things are and ought to be.
the sound of melanin - Kirk Nugent

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When God made us, He was just showing off. I believe that He was having the time of His life, creating such Melanin Infused Magical Beings.

Kirk Nugent


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